6:30PM to 9:00PM

Join us this summer for Season Fifteen, if you can believe it, of Waterford River Rhythms at Village Hall Park.
We look forward to another seven amazing shows this year that are sure to bring the anticipated summer vibe.

Our Mission is: "To continually provide an Upscale Event that will Enhance the Community."

We have been blessed over the years with sponsors that continue to support us. This event simply would not go on without their help. Please recognize and support them, and tell them thank you whenever possible.

Lauer Financial Services Cotton Exchange Fox Valley Veterinary Service Weber Accounting Boucher Chevrolet / Cadillac Community State Bank

June 3
Doo-Wop Daddies

The Milwaukee based Doo-Wop Daddies capture the demanding vocal style of Doo-Wop music with unsurpassed excellence. That’s only the beginning. The Daddies don’t merely recreate this classic genre, but have redefined it and made it their own as 21st Century Doo-Wop. The Doo-Wop Daddies’ live shows attain that ideal unity of masterful performance and entertainment. Combining elements of vintage and cutting edge musical technologies, The Doo-Wop Daddies produce an exciting theatrical show that remains faithful to the Doo-Wop style. For the music of the 50’s and 60’s in a new light that’s as fresh as tomorrow, won’t you please welcome The Doo-Wop Daddies!

Welcome to a timeless place where Rock n’ Roll is about having fun & falling in love! more on the Doo-Wop Daddies

June 17
Damon Fowler

Florida's Gulf Coast has produced a plethora of distinctive musicians, from the blues of Tampa Red to jazz greats Cannonball and Nat Adderley to former Allman Brothers guitarist Dickey Betts to The Outlaws. Tampa's Damon Fowler, a masterful singer, guitar player and songwriter, has absorbed the best of and furthered the work of the region's definitive artists. A hard driving troubadour, his music is steeped with soul and representative of the many styles that make up the roots of American music. He has gained the respect of his peers given his featured slot in Butch Truck's Freight Train band and his side gig as guitarist in the Dickey Betts Band. Critics have compared Fowler's guitar work to Johnny Winter and Jeff Beck, while his slide guitar is reminiscent of the late Duane Allman.

His new release, ALAFIA MOON, was produced by Fowler and George Harris (Cheap Trick, Rick Derringer, Brian Johnson—AC/DC) and represents Fowler's 8th solo release combining all the influences that have shaped his distinctive blues career. On the strength of Fowler's hybrid of roots rock, blues and sacred steel, the Florida native started wowing audiences with his musical exploits as a teenager, building a reputation as one of the hottest young players on the scene. Adding songwriting and vocal skills to his repertoire over the years has brought him many accolades, with music journalists extolling his originality and maturity as well as his technical guitar expertise. All of these attributes have helped further define Damon Fowler as one of the great Southern artists of his time. more on Damon Fowler

June 24
Head East

The legendary classic rock band Head East has long set the standard for authentic, full-vocal, goodtime rock harmonies that few bands can equal. Their high-energy shows are filled with superb vocals, flashy guitar work and memorable keyboard melodies that continue to rock audiences of all ages. Their signature song, "NEVER BEEN ANY REASON" with notable chorus "Save my life I'm going down for the last time" has long been considered by many radio stations across the country as "The Rock & Roll National Anthem."

This year Head East will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary by performing most cuts off of their iconic record "Flat As A Pancake". The band has brought classic arena rock to countless audiences all across North America. According to founding member and keyboardist Roger Boyd, Head East will continue to bring their brand of dance and shout, good-time rock and roll to audiences of all ages for many years to come. "As long as I can lift my synthesizer over my head and the audience goes wild, we'll keep rockin' on!" more on Head East

July 1

Sneezy will be bringing a hearty dose of Funk, Soul and R&B to the park, directly from Chicago. The emotion of their show is front and center, right at the edge of the stage and right in your face. If the four part vocals don't suck you right in, then maybe the sax, keyboards, harmonica, killer lead guitar or twin drummers will.

There's no escaping it. This 8 piece groove will have you movin' and a groovin' like nobody's watching. It's not your fault. Sneezy will lift you up, one beat at a time. Their third album will be released in time for this show. Make sure to snag one up, so you can have just as much fun at home.

These guys just got signed and will be going on tour soon. This will probably be one of the few remaining opportunities too see them at a local venue. more on Sneezy, & Sneezy on Facebook

July 15
Bobby Friss

The Bobby Friss Band is the real deal behind Bobby’s legendary stage antics. World class musicians Dean Mickey, Michael Locke, Jerry Riggs and Leroy Myers are all part of the BFB arsenal.

Shows run the gambit from festivals for 10,000 to private events, all bringing the same fun and incredible performances. The band has played throughout the US with 6 CDs worldwide, Miller Beer commercials and multiple Florida Jammy awards.

Bobby’s goal is to do whatever it takes to entertain his crowds and make lasting memories for years to come.

Bobby Friss... the real deal of rock and roll! more on Bobby Friss

July 29
Trippin' Billies

"The nation’s most renown, original and longest touring tribute to the Dave Matthews Band" ~ Google

Bringing fans the music of The Dave Matthews Band for close to twenty years, Trippin' Billies has become the gold standard for tribute bands. Based out of Chicago, the Billies have toured extensively throughout the U.S. performing at many of the same theaters Dave himself once graced.

Comprised of some of the best musicians in Chicago, (WXRT) one need not be a diehard DMB fan to enjoy a show. The high-energy performance will have you singing along by the second chorus. But if you are a fan of the Dave Matthews Band... well, 'nuff said. Relix magazine named them top five tributes in the country! more on Trippin' Billies

August 12
Gravity - The John Mayer Experience

Music Veteran Justin Craig discovered Sam Stacy at an open mic night in Lincoln Nebraska. It was there Sam was asked to front the tribute concept called "Gravity." Sam remembers listening to Room for Squares over and over on his parents' Walkman and the album Heavier Things on the car stereo. By the time Sam picked up the guitar at age 13, Continuum had been released. Naturally, the Hit Songs Daughters and No Such Thing were two of the first songs Sam learned to play. When Sam entered High School he began to dive deep into his musical career playing guitar and singing whenever he had the chance. He would play for several hours a day, eventually learning almost every song in Mayer's discography. Not only does Sam's vocals pay a respectful tribute to John Mayer, he is also a whiz boy on the guitar. I saw an acoustic version of this show in Kenosha and it was amazing! more on Gravity, also on Facebook. And as of this posting, Sam is on The Voice, Team Blake, check it out!

August 26
Hillbilly Casino

This is the finest in Rockabilly that I have ever seen! Direct from Nashville, Hillbilly Casino blends elements of honkytonk, rockabilly, psychobilly and straight up rock & roll. Every member of Hillbilly Casino brings their own special flavor to the band, from Nic's background in hip hop and rockabilly, to Geoff's love of old school punk rock and ska. I am not sure I have ever seen this much energy on stage as these boys bring it. And you should bring your dancin' shoes, cuz you won't be sittin' still!

These guys have performed with Brian Setzer Orchestra, Rev. Horton Heat, Doyle Bramhall, Rancid, Los Straightjackets, Southern Culture on the Skids, Legendary Shack Shakers, The Horrorpops, The Blasters, The Supersuckers, 7 Shot Screamers, Koffin Kats, Flatfoot 56, Lonesome Spurs and Three Blue Teardrops. more on Hillbilly Casino, & HBC Facebook

Sound Production
TNT Sound - Tedd Lupella

TNT Sound has been providing the professional touch in Sound and Lights since our beginning in 2007. Tedd has expanded his system almost every year to keep up with the continually growing audience. Tedd has been working in live audio for 30 years and attended Full Sail recording school. He prefers the challenge of mixing live rather than the studio setting. Tedd has worked with a long list of professional artists, including Mitch Ryder, Spider John Koerner, Phil Keaggy, Larry Norman, Tracy Grammar, Bill Staines, Mike Stone (of Queensryche), Rare Earth, Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike, Allison Brown, Greg Brown and is also the preferred sound tech for the Lake Itasca Family Bluegrass Music Festival in Minnesota every year. Village Hall Park has never sounded this good! more on TNT Sound

Bands: Download our Production Questionnaire

Park Setup
Waterford River Rhythms stage with new Band Shell Tent

In 2009 the Village of Waterford had a stage built for River Rhythms which eliminated our hefty stage rental fees. We had a say in the design process with criteria being a natural look that would blend into the park. With the awareness that this event brought to the park, numerous non-profits now utilize the park and the stage.

The original stage was 17ft wide x 13ft deep with a natural turf ramp, steps in the back and steps on the left side. For the 2015 season, the stage was expanded to 30ft wide x 20ft deep to accommodate the larger bands and bigger shows.

In 2019 the Village assisted us in getting a Band Shell Tent cover for the stage. It is a beautiful thing!

The Cotton Exchange is the exclusive food vendor of Waterford River Rhythms

The Cotton Exchange has been the exclusive food vendor for River Rhythms for quite some time now. They bring a bit of an upscale flair to festival food at reasonable pricing. They also have water and soft drinks for sale as well as the occasional desert !

The Cotton Exchange is also a full sponsor of the event. Learn more about the Cotton Exchange at: cottonexchangewi.com

Waterford River Rhythms at Village Hall Park in Waterford, Wisconsin

Ample street parking is available through out the immediate area. You may find yourself walking a couple of blocks, but it's worth it! There is also a municipal parking lot right next door to the fire / police building. It's right across the river from the park, just a short walk across the bridge.

Village Hall Park is very close to our neighbors, so we appreciate your consideration for them. We very much want everyone to enjoy us being there, because it truly is the perfect place to be.

Select map for driving directions:
Village Hall Park | 123 N. River Street | Waterford, WI 53185

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Al Sikora, of Waterford Design, is the creator and co-founder of the event. He also manages production, promotion, sponsorship acquisition and is the music curator. Al can be contacted at the email addresses below.